Stop Complaining!

I was on a website where a section of it was on things to do this week. One of the items was, “Stop complaining!” It’s wonderful isn’t it?

Are you a complainer? Where does complaining get you? It just creates a greater feeling of negativity in you, gets you focused on self-pity (“Oh, woe is me, things aren’t going the way *I* want them to!”), gets you stuck in a pit going downward instead of up.

The solution: Stop complaining! Don’t say it, don’t think it. Take action on whatever is a problem instead. If you can’t change it (for example, the weather), change your attitude! Know that the weather doesn’t make you unhappy: your thoughts about the weather are what cause the feeling of unhappiness. Find something that will make you happy. Start a gratitude list. Do something to counteract the negative thought building in your mind.

Remember: Complaining = negative thoughts and feelings. That is not how to live better and happier!

Some links for you:

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